Benjamin D. D'Amico

Who is Benjamin D'Amico?

Marketing & Web Copywriter

I never dreamt that I would become a Copywriter.
I simply knew that I loved to write.

Turns out that I'm a writer who just happens to have a knack for selling, along with a few other helpful traits:

• I’ve always been fascinated with marketing and human psychology.
• I love capturing my readers and spurring them to desirable change.
• I'm constantly prowling for new and unusual subjects to discover.

Web Copywriting?

It's exactly what you'd think – writing that sells stuff on the web.

Here's the thing - 99% of the text you'll read online is selling something.

Even a Beanie Baby fan-site is trying to sell the belief that animal-shaped beanbags are mankind's greatest achievement. There's no money being transferred, but it's selling something none-the-less.

Website copy was the first form of copywriting that I learned, which is why I proudly carry the title of Web Copywriter. It also makes me popular with the ladies.

Marketing Copywriter?

Every copywriter is a marketing copywriter.

Marketing is at the core of advertising. It's the study of consumer behaviors and beliefs. A good marketer is a part-time data analyst, a full-time psychologist and an amateur designer.

Should you ever meet a copywriter who doesn't express a love for marketing, then I'd suggest walking the other direction.

The title of Marketing Copywriter makes a nice umbrella term for writers like myself, who actively study their target markets before shaping their words in a way that inspires action.

If you'd like to learn more about me and What I Do, then call me anytime at 724.953.2540, fill out my Contact Form, or Email Me!

I'll look forward to our talk

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