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What is Copywriting?

I was two months into an early Copywriting career before I realized that I was a Copywriter.

The word "Copywriter" carries with it an odd mystique. I say odd because the concept is simple, yet many (like my younger self) get confused as to what a copywriter does.

A Copywriter is simply someone who writes Copy, and Copy is any form of writing that is used to sell. You can be selling anything – a product, service, idea, emotion, etc. – and you can be selling it by any means at all, from websites to emails.

. . . and yes, what you're reading right now is a great example of Copy.

(But don't run away just yet!)

Why Think About Copy?

Have you ever thrown away a credit card offer before opening the envelope? Many do, but why? As a business owner, you've probably wondered why people can so easily ignore some ads while soaking up others. The answer is simple:   Good  -vs-  Bad Copy.

Many businesses use tired & old methods of advertising, which fail to spark any interest or capture the imagination. Even credit card companies can be guilty of this. And yes, the outside envelope of a sales letter is still subject to bad copy – because today you even need to convince readers to open the letter in the first place!

How to Spot a Good Copywriter

You are currently reading this sentence. This means that your interest has been sparked just enough for you to listen to everything I have to say – maybe you'll even consider acting on my offer.

That's how you pick a good copywriter out from the crowd. We entice your audience by noticing their interests and catering to their desires. We take them on a journey that starts with them and ends at you. And above all else, we show results by inspiring them to action.

So if you're ready to maximize your marketing department's potential – if you crave the success stories that you've heard time and time again – then take this next step towards realizing your goals:

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