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Working with a Copywriter: What to Expect

There's nothing mysterious about working with a freelance copywriter. We're simply writers that sell. I've worked out a simplified method that allows both you and I to quickly relate important data to one another, improving and expediting the entire client-copywriter interaction.

The Process Revealed

Want to know what you can expect by hiring a Freelance Marketing & Web Copywriter like me?
Click below for a step-by-step guide to my client-copywriter process!

Step 1:    First Contact

Everything starts with that first step. If you have questions regarding my copywriting services and would like to work together (or if you'd even like to start writing your own) then get in touch with me!

Once you take this step, everything else is easy. Reach out – call me at 724.953.2540, fill out my Contact Form, shoot me a smoke signal, whatever you prefer – and then we can get things started in the right direction.

You aren't under any obligation to employ my services if you call. I simply like to talk!

Step 2:    I Talk Back!

After that, I'll respond within a day. If you include a phone number on the Contact Form then I'll call you. Otherwise, we can converse via email.

This step is all about getting to know each other and determining your goals. You tell me what you're thinking, and I'll tell you whether I'm your best option. If I can provide what you're looking for, then I'll send you a link to my information form, which you can fill out at your own leisure. This document will give me further details into your project, allowing me to do any necessary preliminary research.

Once I have all the info that I need, I'll create a document that details my ideas for your project. I'll also tell you how much it will Cost and how long it should take.

Step 3:    Confirm the Concept

Once I send you an estimate with the document that relates my thoughts on your project, the ball is in your court.

Like my ideas? Ready to have me take your marketing to the next level? Then it's time to get things started. We'll sign the papers so we both know precisely what's being traded, and then I'll set to work!

On a side note, I do ask for 50% of the total estimate up front, prior to starting every project – for food and stuff. If this presents an issue, then I'm more than willing to discuss your situation!

Step 4:    The Review

All done! Well sorta, not really.

Once I finish your project, it's time for you to take a look and tell me what you think. Do my words spark the excitement that you were anticipating, and was everything spot-on? Great, I'll send you an invoice right away (payable within 30 days)!

Chances are, however, that you're going to find some little things here and there that you'd like to have changed. That's how this whole thing works. You're the expert at what you do and you know your audience better than I can ever hope to, even with all of my effort. So if you do notice something that could be improved to better communicate with them, I will always listen and edit to suit.

Don't worry, generally the first few edits won't cost you anything. I offer free edits for most Project Types, for up to 60 days after sending you the finished work.

Step 5:    Success!

Now the job is done. We've exchanged goods, finished up any necessary edits, and you're well on your way towards advertising success!

You can now deliver your finished copy to the necessary professionals*, whether that entails sending web copy to the developers or print advertising copy to the graphic designers.

Be excited, because you can rest assured that the content you'll be presenting to your target audience is not only captivating, but will spur them to the action you've been hoping for. It's been a pleasure doing business, call me when it's time to take another step forward!

*If you need help figuring out what comes next once your copy is completed, don't hesitate to ask! As a copywriter, I get many opportunities to meet professionals from throughout the advertising industry, and I might be able to get you in contact with the professionals you need. And don't worry, there's no charge involved with this service either. Just good business.

The Results: Benefits of Great Copy

Smart Branding

Your brand is everything. And everything is your brand.

Let me rephrase: Everything that your potential customers see you do – every client interaction, every advertisement, and even the color of your company vehicle – makes up your brand identity. When a potential customer sees your logo or hears your name, what image/emotion comes to mind? Hopefully it's a pleasant one, because branding not only determines whether a customer trusts you enough to do a trial run, but it's often the biggest deciding factor between you and the competition (even if you're better in every other way).

There's no stronger way to impact your business's branding than through language. With words you can spark excitement and connection, or cause boredom and distaste. You can inspire your reader to action, or convince them that it's time to turn the page.

The words you present to your potential clients can make or break the brand identity you've worked on since day one. By having a marketing copywriter like myself help with the writing process, you're assured that the image you hope to convey is precisely that which your audience perceives.

Goal-Driven Marketing

In advertising, sometimes it's good to simply get your name out there for potential customers to see. This isn't always the case.

For example, say you have a business with the perfect location. Everyone in town knows you're there – but they still go to the national chain up the street. You need to take a specific approach to convince them that your business has even more of what they want than the competition does. And having an ad displayed in the newspaper with simply your name, tagline, and seasonal sale usually won't cut it.

Copywriters like myself understand people – we study them, and know how they'll react to the words on a page. We use this knowledge to inspire different courses of thought and action, based on the needs you express. By having me help with your next marketing opportunity, your chance of running a successful campaign skyrockets.

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